Dr Devassy is an active Member of the European Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy, Indian Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy, and The American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists. Currently he is setting up the one and only Advanced Minimal Access and Onco Surgery and Training Centre in the Middle East which will also have the attire of being the first European Center outside Europe.

Laparoscopic surgeries have been proven safe in the hands of this pioneer of modern endoscopy and applicable to all fields that deal with organs inside the abdomen; which makes his foreword to enthusiasts and patients of endoscopic surgery, that currently minimal access is the world of surgery, with paramount patient safety proven with commitment and expertise. The following Minimal Access Surgeries are routine on a daily basis practice at Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital Under Dr Rajesh Devassy.



Noura Fatemi

I had in overall and excellent experience through surgery. Dr. Rajesh helped me in allaying the fears and walked me smoothly through surgery. With the complications and risks involved, there was no better place and hands that I could ever trust. A very compassionate care through my recovery phase, e.g. answering/ replying my calls etc. was really an extra support from him.

Dr. Aleksandra Ivetic

Choosing Dr Rajesh Devassy to do my laparoscopic surgery at Dubai London Clinic, was the best choice I could make for my health. His attitude and professionalism helped me to overcome psychological crisis I was going through. Also, he answered to all my questions and doubts I had about surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is very easy and comfortable. Rec...

Stacey Fell

I simply cannot recommend Dr Rajesh highly enough having been in his care for the last two years after I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. He is an incredible surgeon, I have undergone two major surgeries by Dr Rajesh and have absolutely minimal scarring due to the laparoscopic surgery approach he took but he also takes the time to explain everything fully to you-including the options available to you and what to expect before, during and after your surgery. Dr Rajesh will not put you through any unnecessary surgery and has an exceptional level of patient care-during my last surgery he operated on me at 10am and came back to see how I was at 11.30pm after he finished all of his work. Dr Rajesh care and expertise as a gynaecologist has also meant that I, and my entire family have felt in incredibly safe hands throughout the last two years. He has patiently answered every question we have had and been a great emotional support throughout the whole process, whilst providing exceptional levels of medical knowledge. I'm very very confident in recommending Dr Rajesh whether it be for gynaecological matters or gynaecological surgery.

Michelle Proudfoot

At the very outset, my special appreciation and thanks to Dr. Rajesh Devassy who treated me and restored me back to good health. His patient handling of my questions and fears immediately put me at rest. The professionalism with which he conducted investigation, examination, diagnosis and then recommended treatment for my condition simply added to the sense that I was in the right hands. His extraordinary attention and braveness as a Doctor to address every medical detail of my case ensured patient satisfaction. The hospital staff at DLSH both Administration and Nursing deserve to receive a vote of thanks for not missing out on being kind and caring whilst maintaining their professional ethic. My stay at the hospital although brief was made comfortable by the superb medical care and also the willingness of all involved, especially the nursing staff who provided all the necessary aftercare after my surgery. Thank you Dubai London Speciality Clinic and Hospital for delivering great and valuable medical service and ensuring complete patient satisfaction.

Rechille B.

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2B back in March 2016. I had Laparoscopy Radical Hysterectomy with Bilateral Total Lymphadenectomy Paraaortic Lymph node last April 20.2016 by Dr. Rajesh Devassy at Dubai London Speciality Hospital. But I'd say it was the best choice I have ever made. It was a difficult decision but I feel very fortunate to have been a part of such an innovative medical and technological advancement. Dr. Devassy and his team were excellent and made my way to wellness an easy one.

Zainab Ahmed

My experience has been wonderful with Dr. Rajesh Devassy. I have been doing my research on fibroid since the day I found out that I was diagnosed with fibroid five years ago. I visited so many doctors but couldn't trust them surgery was so scary thing for me. Fortunately, I found Dr. Rajesh in Google search. Upon my initial conversation with the doctor I immediately felt relieved. He was so confident and reassuring! He is an exceptional doctor, one who truly believes in the welfare of he's patients. I had my surgery on 10th Aug 2016 for 10cm fibroid along with 2 small fibroids. My recovery was wonderful. I got up to go to the restroom a few hours after surgery. My pain was minimal and my scar is barely visible. I feel great having had surgery, best decision I have ever made in choosing this amazing surgeon with magic in his hands.